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Just had to tell you again-WE HAD A BLAST this weekend! It was what we've been needing for a long time! There was hardly any cell phone reception so we didn't have phones ringing and we just enjoyed our family. Also, the kids LOVED the shipwreck. They couldn't get enough of playing 'pirates'. So neat! Thanks for having such an awesome retreat! We will come back for sure!
The Tillery's

Thank you so much for letting me and Bobbie enjoy your wonderful home. This is one of the most relaxing times we have ever had! The view and the nice things you have inside makes you feel like we live here.
Thanks again, Don & Bobbie Holley

It was great! We truly enjoyed ourselves. This is our third time in Uncertain and our 1st at Hodgepodge - we will be back. I love this house you have done a great job decorating.
Paul & Lisa Bodley

Had a blast of a birthday thanks to your hospitality. Coming from the lakes found in Maine and New Hampshire, Caddo tops them all, visiting lakes in Malaysia and Thailand, Caddo tops them all.
Thanks, Adrian Lovely

We loved the place! It was perfect for our two-family vacation and the lake is so unique and picturesque. We will be back to enjoy this beautiful area and your warm hospitality!
Thanks, Iris & Jim Renfro

ps - The kids enjoyed it as well, We would love to come back but I think the adults plan to leave us behind next time!!

We had a wonderful time in your lovely cottage. We have been coming to Caddo State Park for 20 years and can truthfully say this was one of our most enjoyable trips. You have all the comforts of home and it was so nice to have room for our friends and family to gather at night and play cards and dominoes. It was awesome to wake up ech morning to the view of the lake and to sit on the dock and have coffee.
Thanks for a wonderful vacation! Ken & Janet Minyard

What a simply delightful and charming place to stay! You both have created a wonderful retreat in a glorious setting.
Jean Kivf

Thank you for a wonderful time - I've never stayed somewhere before that the owner's thought of everything - your place was so complete and clean! We hope to come back one day.
Sincerely - Joanie & Robin Melaneon

What a wonderful retreat for 2 stressed out, over worked parents of 4 children. This was the "shot in the are" we needed. The peaceful and wondrous surroundings are spectacular! You want to tell everyone back home, but then again - let's keep it our little secret. ha ha Joann and Wes have outdone yourselves in hospitality and lodging - We really felt right at home. Thank you so much. We will be back.
Lanette & Charlie Eueller

On behalf of the group of Russian tourists who spent three unforgetable days here, I would like to rans you for your kindness and special atmosphere in your beautiful "uncertain" place. Hope to come back next year.
Natalia Zazovskaya

Elegance, class, style, simple! Combine them all and out comes peace of mind - Hodgepodge.
Thank you,Ty Alexander

Lake Caddo is the perfect retreat. The feeling of home away from home cannot be matched anywhere I've traveled. Wes & JoJo are the perfect hosts. I thank you so much for the wonderful time we had here!! I'm looking forward to the time I can return with friends and family. Times like these are precious and hard to come by.
Thank you again! Steve, Jenice and Stephen Smith

I've been moved to express how happy the atmosphere of your lodge has made Chandra and myself. When we were in college in 1985 we would drive out here and admire the beauty of the area and always hoped to return someday. Now that I don't live in the state of Texas anymore I must admit that my return has allowed me to remember one of East Texas' most hidden treasures. Thank you for having Hodgepodge Cottages and God Bless you.
Sincerely, Chandra "Kay" Scott and Marva J. Lewis, United States Military Academy at West Point, N.Y.

What a find! I'm sure glad I found you on the internet and you had this darling cottage available. It was a much needed break and the beautiful surrounds along with the great accommodations made it extra special. I could stay forever! We will be back!
Gary & Ellen Brooks

This has been indeed a place sent from God to find peace and happiness with oneself. The hospitality, accommodations and culture is truly breathtaking and second to none. I will be back.
Ed Johnson

Your place is to die for!! I don't know what I enjoyed the most - your clever wall hangings or your "art objects".
John Waters

What a delightful place! "Snug Harbor" is certainly an appropriate name for this cozy cottage on our very favorite lake. Thanks for a wonderful week -- we could wake up to the most beautiful view of the lake - ski on the river - fish - swim - read and relax and enjoy Caddo -- great family time!!
Linda and Don Ringler

What a great place for us to luck into. Everything is top notch. Can't wait to share your place with our family and friends. We really enjoyed our stay.
Bill & Cydney Grubb

Your hospitality has been unmatched anywhere we've been. We are so thankful. The lake is truly wondrous; although we could have used the sun more. We hope to return in the future - Mr. & Mrs. Harold Sprague, Halifax. Mass.

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