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Uncertain and Caddo Lake have been featured in various magazines and newspapers like Southern Living Presents Texas Vacations and Texas Highways magazine.

Welcome to Uncertain, Texas and HodgePodge Cottages, your doorway to the mysterious water-world of swamps, ponds, and knobby-kneed cypress trees on Caddo Lake. Uncertain's charm lies in it's remoteness.

The East Texas town is the gateway to one of the state's great natural wonders, Caddo Lake. Uncertain is on the southern shore of the lake.

How Uncertain got it's name is uncertain but some people say it was because the lake's strong currents made river travel uncertain in the steamboat days.

Others say the founders couldn't decide on a name for their new town when applying for a charter, so they put down "uncertain" on the forms.

The most popular theory is the one that says -- once you get to Caddo you're uncertain as to exactly where you are -- and uncertain as to exactly when you'll want to leave. One thing is for sure, you don't go to Uncertain by Chance! It's one way in and one way out.

The spooky appearance of Caddo Lake has caught the eye of moviemakers at least 16 times to shoot films such as The Long Hot Summer, The Legend of Boggy Creek, and Soggy Bottom USA, as well as five Disney films.

Uncertain offers plenty of sight-seeing, fishing, hunting, birdwatching and relaxation in a place unlike any you have seen.

We are located 15-20 minutes from Jefferson or Marshall and 45 minutes from Shreveport, LA.

Ya'll come and relax with us and visit "The best kept secret in Texas", Caddo Lake and Uncertain, TX.

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